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The Altamonte Chapel was designed by a Boston architect and built in 1885 on Lake Brantley, 4 1/2 miles from its present location in Altamonte Springs.


A group of New England settlers attended the church at that time. In 1895, a disastrous freeze destroyed the orange groves that the settlers depended upon for survival.


They were forced from the groves to seek other means of livelihood. The Chapel was left deserted and eventually reverted to the original land owner.


The owner fell on hard times and in 1897 transferred the Chapel deed and surrounding land to Rollins College in exchange for his two daughter’s tuition. In the early 1900′s two enterprising pioneers from the developing area now known as Altamonte Springs bought the building from Rollins College. It was dismantled and moved by wagon to the place where the present Sanctuary stands. The chapel opened for services during the winter months only.


In 1955, as the congregation grew and became a year-round group, they affiliated with the UCC and called a full-time minister. In 1969, the chapel was moved to its present location to make room for a new and larger Sanctuary to accommodate a growing membership. Today the chapel hosts weddings, baptisms and memorial services year round.



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